Brighterclean Window Cleaning Services, 01382-848126, M-07508284633 licensed and fully insured. Brigherclean window cleaning services. We specialise in a 'no-ladders' approach to window cleaning, using a relatively new method of cleaning known as water-fed. The benefits far outweigh other cleaning methods.

By using 100% pure water pumped through telescopic poles we can access and clean windows up to 45 feet above ground, without ladders. There are no health and safety risks, making it by far the safest and most cost-effective cleaning method with excellent results.

Brighterclean ladderless window cleaning is carried out from ground level using extendable poles with soft brushes attached. Pure water is pumped to the top of the pole and then through the unique brush head. The window or area to be cleaned is scrubbed and rinsed off.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the windows are left to dry clean, drying out naturally, so the glass does not need drying off with a squeegee.

The science behind our method:
When pure water is used for window cleaning, any impurities or dirt particles on the glass are dislodged by the scrubbing action and held in the water. As the pure water strives to return to its impure state, it gathers and holds the dirt. The glass is given a final rinse with our Reach and Wash water fed poles, and any water left on the glass will be clean and pure, free of dirt. The result is a clear, streak-free finish that dries naturally.

A further benefit to this method of cleaning is that while the glass is being cleaned, the frames are too, giving the whole window a better finish.

The system is also great for reaching windows, which before may have been inaccessible, or dangerous.

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So if you require a site survey and quote, would like to book us to clean your windows or would just like some more information, then contact us or call us on 0750 828 4633 today.

We clean all the Frames, Doors and Sills as part of our service!
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