Wheelie bin cleaning company operating in the Wirral area. If your bins smell or you have unwanted pests, we can help!
Simply give us a call or book online, we will then visit your address on the day the bin is emptied, where your wheelie bin is collected and cleaned inside our purpose built vehicles. We use a high powered jetwash to scrub and clean both inside and out, thereafter, disinfecting and fragrancing it. Before returning your bin to its allocated place we also line it with an extra heavy duty bin liner.

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  • Wirral

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  City Birkenhead
  Postcode CH41 4JW
  Address 363 Cleaveland Street
  Phone Number 075 9371 9444

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Over time Commercial Bins can start to smell and attract all kinds of unpleastant creatures. We provide an efficient on-site commercial bin cleaning service to a wide range of businesses and institutions throughout Wirral & The Merseyside area. We also offer bin storage cleaning.

From one off cleaning to regular cleaning, we understand the importance of having a friendly, professional service, and at D & D WHEELIE BIN CLEANING SERVICES customer satisfaction is always our goal.

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Wow! I paid for my bin to be cleaned at 3.10 today and I thought I would have to wait till next week BUT by 3.30 it had been cleaned and smells of flowers!!! So glad I arranged with you that really is great customer service I can't wait for the next one to get done thank you

Fantastic cleaning services, called Lee today and he came cleaned and disinfected my bin! Good enough to eat off! Polite and efficient, I've now set up a direct debit for regular cleaning he was that good!

I've been getting my bins cleaned by these guys for almost several years now. It's always clean, fresh and put back on my driveway. I would recommend lee and co to anyone (5 star service lads)

Absolutely brilliant service highly recommended and I will definitely be using this service every fortnight

From Our Website

Down & Dirty Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services have operated In The Merseyside Area Since 1997. We have obtained a vast customer base and have built up a wealth of knowledge in this profession over the past 18 years which we feel has enabled us to provide a friendly, affordable and reliable service. So if you are needing a Wheelie Bin Cleaner book here. We are always willing to provide advice and tips on wheelie bin cleaning even if you choose not to use our service. We are one of the most reliable and professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Companies in the Wirral area with a large database of satisfied customers, most of which have been with us from the start.

We provide professional Driveway and Patio Repair service throughout the Wirral & Merseyside area, to both Domestic & Commercial customers. We specialize in driveway & patio cleaning and restoring them back to the condition they were in when first done. We can remove oil stains install drainage channels and relay sunken paving, we treat moss or lichen to help remove and slowdown reappearance. We can repoint missing or damaged areas or remove it all and replace it with new. If paving stones or flags need replacing we can source new replacements or use any spares you might have.

How do I arrange for my Bin to be cleaned? Simply click on "Book a Clean" on our homepage, complete the booking form with your name, address and services required. You then need to click "Submit" and select your preferred Payment Method. Once this is completed, we will arrange to clean your bin when it is emptied by the Council. We can even come on the same day that your bin is emptied, provided it is not too late in the afternoon when you book in with us. How do I pay? Payments are set up when initially booking, either by Direct Debit or Automatic PayPal Subscription.

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