Cleaning Companies in Vauxhall

List of Vauxhall based agencies offering home, carpet & upholstery, office & window cleaning services.

Office cleaning is carried out using the most up-to-date technology. Using Mirco-fibre cloths and mops alongside filtration vacuuming machines to ensure an allergen free environment. Carpet life span is measurably increased by this vacuuming process. Our specialist cleaning team are trained and qualified in all aspects of floor work.

Based on this concept, you will find that all of our services are carried out methodically and intelligently, and above all, with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind. All of our commercial and residential services recieve personal attention and supervision. We offer office and contract cleaning.

Traditional cleaning companies work with a simple business model. They win a contract and pay low-skilled employees a low wage to provide the cleaning service. This generates a poorly motivated, poorly paid workforce with no vested interest in the contract. Furthermore, these companies (and therefore their clients) experience high staff turnover.

Design & Care Cleaning Services Ltd is a company with a single minded attitude toward the cleaning of commercial premises making it an exquisite support service to its customers. We see and undertake only those contracts we perceive to be within our area of capability.

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